I am a full-stack developer by trade, however I have worked on many different tech stacks for different purposes in the past, including an embedded Lua scripting project.

I delivered projects for these companies

I program as a hobby and love to explore a variety of concepts in computer science by implementing them myself. Highly motivated and creative thinker in terms of theory application and software engineering. More of a "make it work" rather than "make it look good" type of person.


Starfield Generator Thumbnail

Starfield Generator

Starfield generator animation created using 3D rasterising techniques

Particle Cellular Automata Thumbnail

Particle Cellular Automata

Particle based cellular automata using convolution with tensorflowjs

Aurora Borealis Simulation Thumbnail

Aurora Borealis Simulation

An art project where I've recreated a mountain scene with the aurora borealis

Maze Animations Thumbnail

Maze Animations

Maze animations generated using Javascript and displayed with the HTML canvas

Falling Coloured Rectangles Thumbnail

Falling Coloured Rectangles

Falling coloured rectangles inspired by an artwork made by my grandad

Mandela Generator Thumbnail

Mandela Generator

Generates mandelas using tensorflowjs, with all sorts of interesting config options

Koi Fish Pond Thumbnail

Koi Fish Pond

Animated fish using javascript that swim around using the boids algorithm

Bezier Curve Generator Thumbnail

Bezier Curve Generator

My implementation of the bezier curve algorithm which allows you to edit them in real-time

Boids Thumbnail


Boids algorithm implemented using Javascript and the HTML canvas

Firework Simulation Thumbnail

Firework Simulation

Firework simulation in the browser using javascript and the HTML canvas

Ray Marching Thumbnail

Ray Marching

A ray marching simulation created using the HTML canvas and Javascript

Symmetry Line Animation Thumbnail

Symmetry Line Animation

A symmetrical line animation written for the canvas

Reactive Hexagon Points Thumbnail

Reactive Hexagon Points

Connected points that form hexagons and when clicked, move around

Circle Segments Animation Thumbnail

Circle Segments Animation

An animation of circle segments growing from the center of the screen, towards the outside

Contour Lines Thumbnail

Contour Lines

A simulation of contour lines using the marching squares algorithm

Sand Piles Animation Thumbnail

Sand Piles Animation

A sand piles simulation in javascript

Physics Ball Toss Thumbnail

Physics Ball Toss

A physics ball toss simulation using the kinematic equations

Pride Rainbow Animation Thumbnail

Pride Rainbow Animation

A canvas animation of a rainbow that I made one year for pride

I have many more projects (including non-web ones) on my github.